Beirut Historic Buildings

Beirut historic buildings represent a major element of the cultural character and identity of our beloved Capital. The devastating blast that hit Beirut on August 4 left more than 600 historic buildings seriously damaged, leaving us with memories of the vibrant streets, shops, cafés, schools and offices that stood there.

Championing our “Care” value, we at SETS stand for our beloved city and will strongly support the efforts for preserving historic buildings with the aim of retaining our nation heritage and history.

We’ve successfully demonstrated our outstanding expertise in restoration of historic buildings on several projects, including our current leading role in restoring several buildings in historic Jeddah district to preserve its unique character, in recognition of the cultural, financial, and historical significance of these historic buildings. Our experts are geared towards delivering innovative methods and techniques that comply with latest international standards and requirements. We always pride ourselves with our high standards of work, but when it comes to historic buildings, our standards become distinctive, because once a piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever.

We believe that preserving historic buildings plays a key role in preserving national history and would be certainly honored to actively contribute to bringing back life to our vibrant beloved Beirut.