Data Portals
Data is everywhere, from IoT, mobile phones, smart wearables, social media, machines, to health sciences, financial forecasting, engineering design and much more. But it’s not the amount of data that’s important. It is what businesses do with the data that matters.
Driven by our “Forward Focus” value, SETS Group experts have a solid experience in utilizing the latest data tools in the market to answer complex questions, create new insights on the past & present, and pave the way to the future of our cities, by using advanced predictive analytical techniques and visualizations tools.
Nowadays, with the advent of big data, advancements in computation power and emerging Artificial Intelligence applications, our team of experts exploit data and technology to support informed decision-making processes across the region and generate business value and opportunities for clients.
Through harnessing the power of advanced analytics techniques and computing, data produce rich information from untapped sources that was previously inaccessible or unusable, which allows businesses to gain new insights and knowledge ultimately leading businesses to policy-making, data-driven planning and informative decision making.
By adopting the typical data life-cycle: data collection, formatting, quality, management, warehousing, analytics, and visualization, our team delivered customized user-specific data portals and platforms with a set of generic templates, and developed several data warehousing products, managing, and archiving portals to serve a multitude of market needs such as planning, design, and operations.