COVID-19 constitutes one of the biggest global events and challenges of our lifetime. This pandemic has affected our human behavior and changed the experience of being a Human, Customer, or Employee. Social distancing became key these days.

Driven by our “Care” value, SETS group presents “COVREX” - COVID 19 Risk index which has been created to assist Governments and the Public in making informed decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVREX is a spatiotemporal web application developed by our Data to Decisions team to track and weigh the risk of COVID-19 in both time and space, enabling Government leaders to make smarter data-driven operational and policy decisions.

Powered by an algorithm that turns mobility patterns data, point of interest data, and COVID-19 data into a relative spatiotemporal risk index across multiple cities, COVREX detects patterns then sets and sends series of alerts in time & space identifying locations which have exhibited high activity patterns and therefore carry a potentially higher COVID-19 risk of exposure and increase in infected cases. Government entities can therefore optimize resources deployment, make data-based decisions in terms of strengthening or minimizing curfew measures, and explore the riskiness of areas of interest and compliance with policies / measures set in place.
That’s not all!

Having our community well-being in mind, our data to decisions experts developed COVREX with a friendly user interface, enabling the public to benefit from the power of data in their daily life routine.

With a click of a button, users can explore urban and human mobility patterns in their areas of interest and receive a relative risk score for their point of interest destination (whether it’s a grocery store, pharmacy, …).

Use COVREX and benefit from the power of data!