Operation of Makkah Transport & Traffic Model

The city of Makkah hosts the world’s largest religious gathering with more than 2 million pilgrims visiting the City during the annual Hajj season, and another 9 million visiting the city per year to perform Umrah.  In order to cater for this huge number of visitors that is expected to increase significantly as part of KSA Vision 2030, the City of Makkah is heavily investing in the transport infrastructure sector, with a massive number of projects that are currently under development or are still in the planning stage.

Accordingly, and to track progress of the ongoing and planned transport infrastructure projects, SETS team of experts is deploying innovative methods to operate and continually update Makkah Municipality’s transport model to ensure it reflects the current and future transport reality in the city with its various characteristics. As part of the project also, SETS team is working on preparing guidelines to update the transport model and is carrying out continuous traffic analysis and providing transport advisory for new projects in the Holy City.

Similar to all our projects, and driven by our “Partnership” value, SETS team of experts is keen to provide the required technical training and capacity building for Makkah municipality employees to operate the sophisticated and advance the transport model in the future.  

SETS transport and traffic team continues to deliver high quality services for major authorities in the Kingdom. We believe that our work on this project will help shape and guide the future of Makkah’s transport system, something we are proud of and see as a major contribution to the future of the City. Needless to say, this project carries special importance for SETS, as Makkah is and will continue to be a place which SETS is keen to help shape for future generations" said Dr. Baha’ AlShalalfah – Transport and Infrastructure Director at SETS.