The Team


“Calibrated with operational knowledge and expertise, all SETS departments serve as valuable resources to each other”

Knowledge Leaders

Insight, ingenuity, initiative. A unique vision embracing strategic, technological, and organizational perspectives. These are directors and chief advisers that connect and steer our operation and harness its energy day after day. Chosen among the finest in their field and for their ability to promote a culture of openness and inquisitiveness that stimulates innovation, collaboration, and continual transformation.

Facilitators and Teams

Our team members are in fact our knowledge supporters and enthusiast communicators of company vision and strategy; they possess the skills, resources, and aptitude to adapt to and generate any scale assignment in various working environments and climates. They are familiar with most international planning and design standards and codes, at ease with exacting and challenging work requirements, and are considered the firm’s most prized asset. Together with especially appointed consultants and professionals selected to suit each individual project undertaken, they are SETS’ cornerstones and catalysts for success.

Strategic Partners

We have joined forces with leading organizations on key assignments and endeavors in the past, cultivating an exciting network of alliances and affiliations with industry partners. We continue to provide teaming opportunities for firms and businesses eager to draw on our expertise and unrivaled knowledge of the markets we serve.

Management Team