Traffic Management Program for the City of Riyadh

Saudi Arabia
Al-Riyadh Municipality
August 2018 (expected)
Traffic & Engineering Studies


The city of Riyadh extends over a wide area exceeding 1,500 square kilometers and has a total population of about six million inhabitants. Arriyadh has been considered as one of the world most fast growing and developed cities. This can be seen from Arriyadh road network which is considered as one of its most prominent urban landmarks.

The Riyadh City road network covers more than 540 kilometers of paved highways, and consists of freeways, expressways, arterials, and local secondary roads. When these highways meet together, they form hundreds of different junctions including signalized and unsignalized intersections, roundabouts, and multi-level interchanges.

The Riyadh City Road Network is witnessing huge and unprecedented transportation projects aiming to accommodate the steady increase in traffic, passengers, and freight. In response to population growth and the rapid increase in traffic volumes, engineers and planners have to verify if the transportation systems and modes are capable to accommodate traffic and to meet the citizens’ requirements when they wish to reach their destinations quickly and smoothly.

In this context, the Riyadh Municipality is implementing a comprehensive traffic management program which will be periodically repeated every three years. Based on this program, the Riyadh City will be able to keep pace with other developed cities around the world through the provision of comprehensive and frequent traffic management programs. Such programs have become an important necessity so cities can catch up with urban modernization needs.


Traffic Studies:

  • General traffic studies
  • Topographic surveys
  • Traffic volume surveys and data collection
  • Traffic diversion and rerouting studies
  • Traffic impact studies for commercial centers and main attractions
  • Traffic impact studies of future and current infrastructure projects
  • Traffic impact studies of public transport projects
  • Study of black spots and congested locations

The Update of Arriyadh Traffic Model

  • Update the existing TransCAD model for the base year
  • Develop a similar and parallel model using VISUM software
  • Calibrate and validate the two models for the base year scenario
  • Develop multiple future scenarios

Providing Arriyadh Municipality with a fully dedicated Technical Support Team, which is responsible for:

  • Identifying traffic studies and their priorities
  • Reviewing different projects and reports technically
  • Solving traffic problems and improve safety measures
  • Reviewing traffic impact assessment studies