Roads and Transport Research Center

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Ministry of Transport
80 Million USD
August 2011
Transport Policies and Systems/Master Planning/Detailed Design


Sensing future development and growth requirements, the Saudi Government drafted a national policy to support and promote the activities of scientific research by establishing research centers throughout the Kingdom. In this regard, the Ministry of Transport took the initiative to establish the Roads and Transport Research Center aimed at contributing to the continued development of transport systems. The Center preliminary scheme has the following objectives:

  • Improve the efficiency and the safety of the transport system in the Kingdom.
  • Enhance the status of transport infrastructure, including roads and bridges.
  • Address the continuous increase on transport demand as a natural result of population growth and economic development.
  • Promote the use of the kingdom natural resources.
  • Support research activities and studies on urban transport and traffic safety, environmental protection and intelligent transportation systems, in addition to issues of management and operation of transportation systems.

SETS, in association with the Northwestern University Transport Center, undertook the studies necessary to define an overall strategy for the Center, and prepared the architectural and engineering designs required for implementation. As such, SETS scope included:

  • Proposing an overall Strategy for the Research Center that defines its vision, mission and strategic goals, identifies the areas of research and their priorities; recognizes the teasing problems that should be considered and proposes a funding approach to sustain the operations of the Center;
  • Developing an Organisation Structure for the Center;
  • Preparing a recruitment plan and a continuous training plan;
  • Preparing a road map for implementation;
  • Developing the entire architectural and engineering designs for implementation of the Center.