Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Water Projects in the Region of Bekaa and North Lebanon

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
7 Million USD
June 2016 (expected)
Water Engineering Design and Construction Supervision


With the influx of Syrian refugees in Lebanon (over 1,000,000) and the fact that Bekaa and North Lebanon host altogether 61% of registered refugees, there is an immense pressure on existing water systems resulting in limited access to safe water for both communities and refugees. To that end, UNHCR and other international and local NGOs are implementing relief and development projects and programs funded by the European Union to improve infrastructure services for host communities. The objective is to provide efficient engineering and project management involvement for the implementation of individual water-related projects in the Bekaa and North Lebanon regions.

The projects are located in Nassriyeh, Riyak and Qabb Elias in Bekaa and in Bekaa Safrine, Mrah Es Sraj, Aasoun, Halba, Machcha, Aydamoun, Charbila and Rmah in North Lebanon, and include the construction of water supply networks, the provision of house connections, the rehabilitation of existing reservoir and pumping line, digging and equipping new wells, pumping lines, potable water networks, etc.

  • Detailed Design including preliminary design, detailed hydrogeological study, final design, drawings, specifications, contract documents, detailed cost estimates and construction schedules.
  • Preparation of tender documents  and selection of the appropriate contractors for implementation of all projects.
  • Supervision of the Construction works.