Darb Al Khalil Development

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Millenium Development
Transport Planning / Traffic Engineering/ Pedestrian Modeling


Darb Al-Khalil is a densely developed parcel in excess of 5 hectares in the Valley of Ibrahim Al-Khalil, at close proximity to Al-Haram. The project is a primary redevelopment opportunity in the context of other adjoining developments embracing Al-Haram such as Abraj-Al-Bait, Jabal Omar, Shamiyah, and the Western Gate.
SETS provided technical support within the Master Plan proposed by Gensler.

  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Access, circulation, and traffic performance on proposed road network
  • Parking requirements related to the redevelopment scheme
  • Configuration of entrances and exits of parking facilities
  • Suggested road elements (connections between Ibrahim Al-Khalil and Hijra streets)
  • Impact of the Darb Al-Khalil redevelopment project on the adjacent city network
  • Transit system elements within Darb Al-Khalil
  • Pedestrian Analysis
  • Evaluation of flows along pedestrian paths adjacent to and through Darb Al-Khalil during the exit/discharge from Al-Haram, including distribution within Darb Al-Khalil
  • Assessment of pedestrian flows generated from adjacent areas
  • Confirmation of the physical dimensions of proposed pedestrian paths
  • Capacity assessment of proposed pedestrian passages and level of service