Consultancy Services for the Preparation of the Strategic Plan for the Development Authority of Makkah & the Holy Sites (MMDA)

Saudi Arabia
June 2016 (expected)
Strategic Planning & Program Management


The “Development Authority of Makkah & the Holy Sites” (MMDA) is a public entity in Makkah/KSA responsible of planning studies and development Projects in the Makkah Region. MMDA (The Client) is seeking a consultancy firm (The Consultant) to support the authority in preparing its strategic plan over a 5 year period. As such, SETS is collaborating with Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) and TEAM International to provide the required consultancy services for the Preparation of MMDA Strategic Plan (The Project).

The services include the necessary data collection and benchmarking studies to derive best practices and lessons learned from comparable entities, performing SWOT analysis on the MMDA current situation, the Gap analysis, development of MMDA vision/mission/values, strategic initiatives with KPIs and program/project charters, an action plan/implementation roadmap as well as a performance management plan, in addition to specific deliverables for each of the 4 tracks of MMDA strategic plan as follows:

  • Track 1: Administrative Set-up and Organization (HR development plans, organizational structures, etc.)
  • Track 2: Project Management (PM procedures, guidelines for the establishment of a PMO, etc.)
  • Track 3: Communications and IT (IT operating model, GIS application requirements, etc.)
  • Track 4: Media (awareness campaign, media & communication plan, etc.)
  • Performing data collection and interviews with Stakeholders
  • Developing MMDA current state baseline
  • Performing the benchmark study and analysis and deriving lessons learned and best practices
  • Conducting SWOT and GAP analyses
  • Conducting the IT assessment for MMDA
  • Crafting the vision, mission, values,  and defining the goals and strategic objective
  • Defining the strategic initiatives/programs/Projects, identifying the quick wins and developing the Project/program charters for all initiatives across the 4 Project Tracks
  • Identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s and Performance Management Plan
  • Articulating MMDA Information Technology Plan
  • Assessing MMDA GIS capabilities and proposing solutions
  • Designing the target IT operating model for MMDA including the information network, means of communication with external stakeholders, the necessary specifications for the development of safety procedures and database security, identification and preparation of aspects of smart transactions in MMDA operations, etc.