Transport & Infrastructure

“Moving People and Goods”

SETS has expert capabilities to provide specialist services in Strategic Transport Planning, Transport Policies and Systems, Traffic Engineering, Management and Control, Transport and Urban Infrastructure Development, in addition to planning, engineering, construction, operation, and management services to the public and private transport industries.

SETS Transport and Infrastructure is a dynamic developer of policies and solutions that:

– Meet essential accessibility and development requirements safely and equitably.

– Enhance mobility fairly and efficiently, limit emissions and waste, and minimize land use impact and noise generation.

Strategic Transport Planning

  • Strategic transport planning ranging from the national, to the multinational, through to the corridor level.
  • Multimodal and intermodal solutions for passenger and goods movement.
  • Strategic alternatives that address multiple objectives including rationalizing investment, supporting future economic and social development safety, improving operational efficiency and mitigating environmental impacts.

Transport Policies and Systems

  • Proficiency in the development of transport policies owing to considerable experience in a diversity of land, marine, and public transport policies, taking into account the impact of taxation, financial policy measures, and changes in subsidy arrangements.
  • Innovative transport funding schemes involving private sector financing in a variety of BOT, BOO, and BOOT models.
  • Particular expertise in integrating technical considerations with institutional concerns.

Transport Modeling

  • Extensive transport modeling and simulation experience.
  • Use of advanced transport modeling and traffic simulation software: Emme/4, VISSIM, VISSUM, SIDRA, TransCAD, ARCADY, PICADY, OSCADY, SATURN, TRANSYT, PARAMICS, HCS, SYNCHRO, and others.
  • Development of Travel Demand Models based on the four-step travel demand forecasting process that includes trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice, and traffic assignment.
  • Integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with demand modeling and logistics functionality Recommendation of innovative technologies to ensure continuous development and improvement in the traffic and mobility.

Traffic Engineering, Management and Control

  • Traffic management schemes that aim at optimizing road capacity, improving safety, enhancing logistics, alleviating congestion, and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) concepts, methodologies, and applications, and generating software and models for planning and evaluating the impacts resulting from the deployment of ITS components.
  • Circulation schemes, traffic calming, parking control, shops logistics management, and public transport management.
  • Audits and reviews associated with road safety improvement in the context of road safety strategies and action plans.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

We at SETS realize that the conventional measures and methods are no longer effective for the rising challenges faced by the modern traffic sector. We understand that Intelligent Transport Systems and services are the future of the traffic industry, as they provide the most effective solutions for congestion, policies enforcement, and security on the roads.

We also realize that the field of Intelligent Transport Systems is in continuous development. Therefore, our team is always seeking the latest breakthroughs and solutions, through seminars, conferences and conventions, and personal research.

Our ITS team at SETS brings together highly qualified experts from different backgrounds to cover the various aspects of ITS.  We provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients, and these services include:

  • Consultancy services on adequate ITS solutions
  • Design of parking management systems
  • Design of traffic management systems and centers
  • Design and implementation of policies enforcement systems
  • Design and implementation of enhanced public transport systems

Highway Engineering

SETS Transport specialists and senior transport advisers boast an impressive experience in the design and construction of highways and roads in the Middle East and the Arab Gulf, Africa, and Central Asia.

A wide spectrum of highway engineering services and supporting tasks are provided, namely:

  • Corridor Studies & Alignment Selection
  • Technical & Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Fundamental & Detailed Highway Designs
  • Traffic Studies (including surveys and forecasts)
  • Geological & Geotechnical Studies and Investigations
  • Hydrological Studies (including storm water drainage)
  • Pavement Analysis
  • Tender and Construction Documents
  • Project Management & Construction Supervision
  • Signing & Lighting Schemes
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Landscape Design and Related Engineering Services

Urban Infrastructure

In addition to transportation, civil infrastructure systems such as power, telecommunications, water and waste disposal, are the enablers of modern society.

SETS has the broad and diverse knowledge base that draws from many disciplines to provide a comprehensive range of services related to these complex, interdependent infrastructure systems.

SETS’ infrastructure professionals have opted to deliver innovative solutions that take into consideration:

  • Reliable and optimally designed utility systems using the new design, planning and engineering technologies
  • Smarter infrastructure planning for long-term sustainability: understanding that infrastructure systems affect the quality of the environment and the availability of natural resources for other uses
  • Environmentally-friendly processes within buildings
  • Providing a better ‘experience’ to users
  • Protecting the development and its infrastructure from fires and natural disasters

Comprehensive services are provided within the urban planning context, to both private developers and public authorities, and range in scale from individual sites to large scale, mixed-use developments. These include the planning and design for modern and sustainable infrastructure systems including:

  • Highways and Transport Facilities
  • Power Supply Systems
  • Telecommunications and Data Networks
  • Water Supply Systems; Sewerage Systems
  • Storm Water Drainage Systems
  • Irrigation and Firefighting Systems
  • District Cooling Systems


SETS Transport & Infrastructure offers the full spectrum of planning, development, engineering, construction, operation, and management services to the public and private transport industries. The scope of support solutions to supplement our specialties encompasses:

  • Feasibility Studies and Financial Evaluation
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Concept and Functional Designs
  • Detailed Engineering Designs, Cost Estimates and Contract Documentation
  • Procurement and Construction Management Services
  • ITS Concepts Methodologies and Applications
  • Value Engineering
  • Environmental Impact and Strategic Environmental Assessment of Transport Schemes and Programs.

Services cover urban and inter-regional transport facilities including highways, airports, rail, and port facilities from planning through to design and implementation to operations.

SETS Transport Core Competencies:

  • Transport Master Plans
  • Highway Design
  • Multimodal Operations
  • Transport Policies and Institutional Setup
  • Public Transport Systems
  • Transport Financing and Toll Systems
  • Traffic and Pedestrian Modeling
  • Transport and Traffic Safety
  • Traffic Network Operation and Management Schemes
  • ITS and Transport Telematics
  • Traffic Signal Systems
  • Commercial Fleet Management and Freight Movement