Program Management

“Bringing managerial rigor to technical thoroughness”


The Program Management Department at SETS is a specialized boutique consulting unit bringing management sense to technical excellence by providing highly specialized program management services, including:

Strategic Planning Services

Preparing urban strategies and urban management studies for complex urban projects:

  • Project Strategies
  • Project Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Project Planning & Programming
  • Governance & Policies

Procurement, Contracts & PMO Services

Manage the procurement process on behalf of the Client, including:


  • Screening for the right consultants worldwide
  • Preparing relevant short lists
  • Preparing TORs and RFPs
  • Evaluating bids and issuing evaluation report to Client
  • Negotiating scope and fees
  • Preparing and negotiating consultants’ contracts

PMO Services:

  • Preparing implementation plan
  • Issuing & updating project overall master schedule
  • Issuing the project organizational structure, communication protocol and authority matrix
  • Setting procurement methods/ policy
  • Launching Contracts and Document Management System
  • Setting reporting mechanism

Technical Management Services

Sourcing and managing various planning and design consultants:

  • Managing, following up on work  progress
  • Performing design review and audit of consultants deliverables
  • Coordinating various trades: Urban strategies, Urban Economics, Urban planning, Urban Design, Traffic & Transportation, Road Design, Infrastructure, Utilities, Landscape, Architecture, Electro-Mechanical, Environmental, etc.

 Capacity Building Services

Building Client’s organizational structure and enhancing his in-house human resource capabilities:

  • Building Client’s organization structure, including Human Resource Planning
  • Building Client’s PMO Capacity
  • Building Client’s Human Recourse capacity. Sourcing and retaining specialized staff.
  • Building Client’s Human Resource skills: offering specialized training programs and on-the-job training

Example of Managed Consultants

Example of our International Advisors:

  • Dr. Suha Özkan, Professor at Middle East Technical University. Formally, Deputy Secretary General Aga Khan Award for Architecture in Geneva
  • Dr. Philippe Bovy, Advisor and Transport Expert for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) , Professor and senior transport planning and mega-event mobility management expert
  • Dr. Serge Hoogendoorn, Chair of the Traffic Management, Transport & Planning of the Delft University of Technology and Professor of Traffic Flow Theory and Simulation
  • Dr. Hani Mahmassani, W. A. Patterson Distinguished Chair in Transportation and Director, Transportation Center at Northwestern University
  • Antonio Di Mambro, Principal at Antonio Di Mambro+Associates, Inc.
  • Dr. Sami Tabsh, Civil Engineering Professor at the American University of Sharjah