SETS took-off in 2004 as a regional consultancy, joining efforts of world-class architects, engineers, practiced management professionals, and prominent scholars, bringing together over two decades of prolific knowledge and work experience.

Today SETS is one of the region’s preferred multi-disciplinary consultancy firms and most trusted providers of specialist solutions for:

  • Program Management
  • Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering
  • Planning and Engineering of transport and Infrastructure Systems
  • Land, Environment and Water Resources Management
  • Architecture, Urban planning and Interior Design
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  • Applied Information Management

Our experts have assisted and advanced communities around the world, repeatedly assuming leadership on countless technically challenging projects, shaping studies in the US, Europe, Africa, the Far East, Central Asia, Turkey, and the Middle East/Gulf region; the latter is our core area of operations and indisputably our strongest market.

We bring a plethora of skills to assignments of every scope and size, setting the highest standards on delivering sustainable designs on the cutting-edge of innovation.

We have worked alongside such organizations as the World Bank, the United Nations, USAID, USIA, UNDP, ESCWA, FAO, the European Commission, the European Bank, Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, Arab Fund, Saudi Fund, and served a host of other distinguished clients including:

  • Municipal, regional, and national governments
  • Public and private utilities
  • Institutions and multi-nationals
  • International, regional, and national NGOs
  • Private developers and financiers

We measure our achievement by the steady stream of customer success stories and repeat services, and the steadfast loyalty of the human network backing our work. Our sound management practices, staunch ethics, and single approach to client and community care place us firmly at the forefront of the industry.